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This picture I took before I got my new equipment, using still my DSLR Canon 60D instead of the CCD Atik 450. I was planing to make more sessions and get the double of frames before editing and posting this picture. But now, I dont want to use the old camera and old setup anymore, so I guess I won’t be getting more frames for this picture.

After the disaster with the dew, I used the Dew shield that I had forgotten when I did my first session. And I was able to take way more pictures before the Dew started affecting it. And with the Maxim DL and the auto-guiding at errors bellow 1 pixel, I manage to take very good frames.

Master_Light_5184x3456_Bin1x1_ISO1000_final Master_Light_5184x3456_Bin1x1_ISO1000_DBE_nr_Annotated

Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), IC4263
Celestron AVX 8″ SCT
Filter: Astronomik CLS-CCD
Focal Length: 1278 mm
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 1000
Shutter: 600s
Frames: 11
Total exposure: 110 min
Aquisition: Maxim DL
Taken Apr 14, 2015 around 23:32 CEST

The result is amazing. Very long exposures gives such an amazing result. And I could catch several tiny galaxies on the background, where IC4263 in the upper right corner is the biggest of them, but there are 6 other tiny galaxies visible on this picture.

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