The Moon is always a “easy” target, it is big and bright. But I always wanted to try to stack Moon pictures to see how it goes.


Celestron AVX 8″ SCT
Focal Length: 1278 mm
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 160
Shutter: 1/800s
Exposure: 10 frames
Post processing: PixInsight
Taken Fev 27, 2015 around 20:31 CET

Stacking Moon pictures on PixInsight is not straight forward. StarAlignment tool which is used for Align all pictures does not work, because, well.. there is no stars in the picture. And without aligning the pictures, you cannot stack them.

So I found out after some research that FFTRegistration can do the trick. And I also found a small tutorial to post process the picture, which i adapted to my needs.

The result is very good. I could say it is one of the best Moons i have so far. It still a lot more to improve, but it looks very good already.

*UPDATE* I got informed by my girlfriend that this Moon is green. As my blog’s name says, I am colorblind, and I edit the pictures to look nice in my eyes. And I do not see green in here.