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My new toy arrived! A Celeston AVX 8″ SCT plus accessories. Unboxed everything, so many pieces, bolts and screws, took me a while to figure out how to put everything together. Some pieces just didn’t fit. So now I had to wait for the weather. And lately it is horrible. I had the opportunity to have some half ok-ish sky for 1 hour for 2 nights… But there is so much to learn. It took me ages to be able to focus, and to find anything in the sky. Still didn’t have the opportunity to some serious photo session. Still getting a hang of it.

But other night, it was kind of cloudy, but the Moon was there, nice and shining. But my balcony don’t have view to it. So I set up the equipment in the bedroom window, and pointed to the Moon. Such a nice view. Still took me quite a while to focus, and I have the impression that the focus was never perfect. Don’t know what I am doing wrong yet. But I had the opportunity to shot some pictures. I thought: well I can take a bunch of them and stack in Pixinsight, but I did not manage to stack it in there. The alignment tools don’t work for it =/ So I got just one frame and post-processed there. Took me very long to get something I liked. Moon edition is harder than deep sky, so far…

20131115-MoonFull Moon
Celestron AVX 8″ SCT
Focal Length: 1278 mm
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 200
Shutter: 1/400s
Post processing: Pixinsight
Taken Nov 16, 2013 around 00:30 CEST

I think it is the best Moon picture I ever had. Still I am not happy with it. I saw some so amazing jobs when I was trying to find out how to post-process it. That I got spoiled. I want to get much better pictures than that. Ok that in my bedroom window, I had to that the picture though the glass window, since it doesn’t open. And probably I lost a lot in detail in there. But well… it is not at all bad, but still gotta try again =D

After some high excitement with the Moon, Jupiter was already in a nice position for observing as well. So I put the eyepiece, and enjoyed a view of Jupiter and 3 of its moons. But after better seeing I could identify 3 more moons, where 1 was in the same plane as the 3 first ones, and 2 were way out almost 90 degrees from the plane. Tried to find out later which moons did I see… But I wasn’t successful.

Really looking forward for the next clear sky, to make some real imaging =D