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Since I always took pictures with the biggest possible zoom in my camera, I decided to try the opposite. Go for the minimal possible and do some very wide angle. I wanted to see a piece of the Milky Way, but still 70mm is too much zoom for it. And is actually too much zoom to fit a full constellation. So I got just half of it.

201310-aurigaAuriga Constellation (Capella on top, β Aur on the left, and at the bottom right M38 and IC405)
Focal Length: 70 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 800
Filter: Astronomik CLS-CCD
Shutter: 300s
Tracker: Astrotrac
Stacking: 5
Total exposure: 1500s
Post processing: Pixinsight
Taken Oct 06, 2013 around 22:30 CEST

Lots of stars, some star clusters, even some nebula. Quite nice wide angle. Not exactly what I expected. I should get a 17mm lens for a really wide area and to be able to get the Milky Way. But still a nice result.

So, after going to the Star Party, I could not stop thinking about getting a telescope. What I take hours to make, align, frame, get the shots, fix the star trails and all, I have seen it in a single frame of 30 sec exposure with a telescope. It was amazing. If I can get this degree of quality in one sub with a short exposure, what could I archieve with a long exposure, and many stacked frames?

So I spend all my free time reading, researching, seeing tutorials and videos, reading in forums to decide what should I buy. So my research came to an and, and I ordered it =) Now I am waiting to come.

My new equipment will be a Celestron Advanced VX 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. I found that the SCT are lighter and smaller than the Newtonian, but have comparable power. So for the imaging I needed to get also a T-ring, a T mount and a reducer/flattener. Also got the shades, so that light from the sides don’t interfere with the subs. And then I learn about the auto guiders. Those are equipments that helps with the trackers to make the stars seems completely still in the sky. An auto guider is a webcam and a scope that will lock onto one bright star near the area you want to photograph and will send small corrections to the mount-tracker to go a bit faster, a bit slower and make sure that the star the webcam is following never moves. So I got this Orion Mini Autoguider Package, that will fits perfectly with my new setup.

Still need to get somethings that the store didn’t have. I need a Bahtinov Mask for focus, a Flatfield Panel for the flat subs, and if possible get a simple solar filter, so I can use the telescope for Sun pictures as well. Can’t wait to check up the new equipment =D