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Since I took my first galaxy pictures, with 1 sec exposures, than with 30 sec, I was very happy to see that things just come to light and appear in the final image. So I wanted to make a long project to take several pictures of a galaxy, with very long exposures and see how it would go. I have tried 5 min to 10 minutes exposures, passing some numbers in between. I many sessions, some time for short time, some time for long.

Many of the pictures i had to discard because of trails. But in the end i got a set of nice subs and processed them together to give this result:

20130900-bodeBode’s Galaxy, Cigar Galaxy (M81, M82), and NGC3077
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 800
Filter: Astronomik CLS-CCD
Shutter: 30s / 300s
Tracker: Astrotrac
Stacking: 53 / 20
Total exposure: 7590s
Post processing: Pixinsight
Taken Sep and Oct (Several Nights)

I got very happy to see the S in the galaxy spiral arms. Can’t see many details, but still I can see some nice long arms and a strong core. And got together two more galaxies in the frame. It is more than 2 hours of exposures, trying to fight with Amsterdam’s weather. Some days would have just one hour of nice sky, before it was all cloudy again. But finally it is here =D A great jump on quality from the last time I pictured it.

So I told last post about the star party, and Oct 26th it was a nice sky and I was there for the stargazing. I had an amazing time. There was half a dozen of telescopes, pointing to diverse structures, and many amateurs sharing their story.

I got mainly interested in this lady that was setting up her telescope for Astrophotography. I got many interesting tips and tricks about it from her. And I hope to improve my skills with all I’ve learned. It was a spectacular night. Sadly my bus was coming and I had to leave kind of in a hurry. I got to know also that this parties happen 4 times a year. Could be more, but it is amazing anyway. Next one is November 22nd and 23rd.