After so long time inactive, finally I had some good weather to take some pictures. The last month the sky was always cloudy and some days I would have one hour to take some pictures, so I was working slowly on a project with many 5 min sub.

But yesterday was an amazing night! I got around 6 hours of great sky, ams many pictures of many structures! Apparently the next 2 days will have skies as good as yesterday. So I am gonna take many more pictures.

I still did not process any of them, but I got the subs for: M81, M82 (Bode and Cigar’s Galaxies), M45 (Pleiades), M38 (Open Cluster), M92 (Globular Cluster), M57 (Ring Nebula), M27 (Dumbbell Nebula).

Also I am learning my limits on tracking and exposure. It is such a hard job! Could not make it for 10 min subs, neither 7,5 min. It has to much star trails even though the tracker seems to be perfectly polar aligned as far as the scope goes, but it is not.

Anyway, I am very happy with the initial results and single frames, and I hope the stacked image will be even more breath taking. Specially in the Ring Nebula, where one single sub already shows so much details!

Will be posting soon the results. =]