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After many trials, and many sessions, and training. Finally I got an amazing Andromeda.

I was anxiously waiting for the night so I could try out my new binocular. And it was mind blowing. I can see so many stars and structures with it. It is very easy to aim. It just works like a charm. It will me a extra fun while shooting the stars, since it was previously just wait long minutes for each exposure.

Tried to aim to already known structures (M31, M29, M13, Perseus Double Cluster, Pinwheel Galaxy, Bode and Cigar’s Galaxies, etc), tried to find nebulae without success (Ring Nebula, Wild Duck Nebula), tried to find other structures (M5, M15). Very pleasant experience. Also noticed that I can see many human-space-junk around. I believe I saw about 4 different satellites in different points on the sky. All of them very fast crossing the sky.

So I was daring this night, and decided to see if I could take some 5 min subs. And luckily, I could! Only problem is my timer, that just allows for max 30 sec automatic exposures. More than that, just manually in bulb mode. So I need to press the shutter open, mark 5 minutes and press the shutter close, manually. It is a bit bothersome, but it still works.

Another thing I noticed is that for 5 min subs I need a better and more precise polar alignment. I still not great at it. Some star trail still happening. But I am getting there, with practice.

Anyway, without any further due, behold Andromeda:

AndromedaAndromeda (M31), M32 and M110
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 2000
Shutter: 30s / 120s / 180s / 300s
Tracker: Astrotrac
Stacking: 10 / 1 / 5 / 5
Total exposure: 2820s
Taken Aug 04th, 2013 around 00:15 CEST

It is breathtaking. The dust clouds, the spiral arms, the colors, the core. It is just amazing. Such level of details. I am so happy that I could archive it. Even with all the obstacles I have to fight.