After so many equipment, I am at the end of it finally (at least for now).

Got myself a Binocular Vixen Ultima 7×50 so I can enjoy stargazing while taking the pictures (since many long exposures takes long time and I just have to wait for it). I read a lot about binoculars for stargazing and 7X50 was the most recommended. It is light and it gives good results. And this brand seems like a good deal. Also I got a 35% discount on that =P Gonna try it the first opportunity. In the day light it is amazing. I got to see now it is at night.

Also i got a Seagull Angle Finder 1-2x to be easier to see the view finder. Since the camera is always in the weirdest positions, it is really hard to see where you are pointing it. And with this you can make in a better angle for yourself. Also the Cannon original one seems to be 3x the price. So it was not worth it.

And the last but certainly not least, after much struggle to decide about the best light pollution filter for myself. I was between Hutech IDAS LPS, Astronomik CLS and Astronomik UHC and I decided by the CLS. Acordding to many reviews IDAS is the best, also the most expensive. But it seems to be weeker in light pollution reduction compared to the others. And I do have a lot of pollution in here, so I need something more powerful. To be honest I could not fully understand the difference between CLS and UHC, but for many reviews I’ve seeing, the CLS was winning among the users. So I got that one.

Now all I need is a backpack that can handle all this equipment for when I need to bike to a dark location. =)