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During the last week there was no sky for pictures, so I could not get anything new. So I re-edited old pictures I took before having PixInsight and see what I could do to make it better. And the results are impressive. With not much effort the old pictures looks much better and have better details then before.

20130716-Andromeda-3Andromeda (M31), M32 and M110

M81 and M82Bode’s Galaxy and Cigar Galaxy (M81 and M82)

Those two pictures are the exact same subs i took before, with the same stacking I just re-process them and in my opinion, it is so much better than before. The information was already there in the pixels I just needed to bring them up nicely. It is an amazing tool.

This picture of Andromeda (before the re-edition) was my favorite. Now I have a new favorite =D