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Hello all. Sorry for the long time with no posts. I just came from vacation, so needed to catch up on work, and on the house. So it took me a while until get some more time for pictures =)

Anyway, when I was in my Swedish vacation, I wanted to get some star pictures, since I was in a very uninhabited area. And the light pollution there should be minimal. But for my unhappiness, there is no actual dark night in there, the Sun sets. and hover around near the horizon for a couple of hours and the Sun rises again. So the sky seems pretty bright all the night. It is not day light bright, but more like dusk/dawn kind of bright.

But by the naked eyes, it was very nice to see so many stars. And one night I set up my equipment anyway, and went for some shots. I have taken many Andromeda shots, I know, but until i can get a level of details that I will be happy with, I will try it more and more. So I aim at M31 and did some subs.

It was very interesting that because of the Sun not being far from the horizon, in the naked eyes, it seems night. But in the long subs of the camera, you see a blue sky with stars. Quite interesting. I thought i could wipe them out with post-processing. And that is the results:

AndromedaAndromeda (M31) and M32
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 2000
Shutter: 15s / 30s / 60s / 90s / 120s
Tracker: Astrotrac
Stacking: 1 / 14 / 7 / 1 / 1
Total exposure: 1095s
Taken Jul 26th, 2013 around 00:05 CEST

M29M29 [right] and Sadr (γ Cyg) [left]
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 2000
Shutter: 30s
Tracker: Astrotrac
Stacking: 12
Total exposure: 360s
Taken Jul 26th, 2013 around 00:30 CEST

It is quite strange colors. I could get rid of the blue sky but all stars looks yellowish to my colorblind eyes. I was unable to make it look better after many trial on PixInsight. The M31 looks so much worse than when I took from my balcony, less details and strange colors. It was definitely not a good session.

But we always learn something new =D