Since I’ve realized the hard way that in this Swedish summer I would not get nights, I thought that some Moon shots would need to suffice. And since I didn’t have any pictures of the Moon with my new equipment I decided to do so, and that is the result


First just the Moon, and second some branches of a nearby tree.
The result is very good and I liked it…
When i was bringing back my equipment, I noticed that the sky was clear and, even though it was quite bright I set up the Astrotrac for some trials. By the 20 minutes it took me to grab ot and set it, it was almost completely clouded already, so I just tried a 30 sec sub to see what would be the interference of the Sun in the picture, and for my surprise, I got a very blue sky. Not the orange i usually have back home.
And more stars would be visible in the picture. Seems like tomorrow will have clear sky, so I might try again for some pics.. =]