So I am on vacation now. Have planned for the whole year and came to a very small village in Sweden for a dance festival called Herrang (I dance Lindy Hop for about 3 years now).
A bit before going in vacation I thought about asking for a trial copy of PixInsight. In the website they say that they validate manually each request, so I thought it would be a long wait, and I would get it in the middle of my vacations. But on the contrary, the trial license came few hours later, so I could try it a bit before my trip. And with very few effort i could do much better post-processing then all my previous pictures. But didn’t save any, was just a exercise…
Anyway, since I was coming to that very small village, I though it would be a nice opportunity to avoid light pollution from my place and take amazing pictures in here, so I brought my equipment.
Living and learning, in Netherland i had about 4 hours of dark skies… In here… none! It is a white night. The Sun never sets. Just get dawn and it is dusk already… It is an interesting experience for life, but horrible for Astrophotography… hehehehe.
Well don’t think I am going to be able to take any pictures for a couple of days (maybe the Moon?)