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It seems that stacking 1~2 sec exposures, the best thing to get is clusters. So, since my balcony have a good view from Andromeda to Ursa Major, I tried to find some more clusters on that region, and I went for that one.

Own ClusterOwl Cluster (NGC 457)
Crop 1:1 post-processed
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 5000
Shutter: 1.6s
Tracker: None
Stacking: 60
Total exposure: 96s
Taken Jul 14th, 2013 around 00:35 CEST

It is very peculiar, that you can actually see a Owl in there… or maybe I am getting crazy. I liked this picture because there was not much star trail like the others.

The Deep Sky Stacker is a very good, and easy, tool. But my pictures end up always getting without colors… The histogram function is good, but it is simple and not much to it. So, because of the light pollution I need to do a big effort to make the sky dark. And I would like to see something colorful. So I am considering start using PixInsight which seems a very interesting tool and let’s see how it goes =D