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Since the night was good, and it was weekend I extended my activities to look for some galaxies. Looked for Pin-wheel galaxy and Whirlpool galaxy but couldn’t find either. So I went to Bode’s and Cigar Galaxy.

M81 and M82Bode’s Galaxy and Cigar Galaxy (M81 and M82)
Crop 1:1 post-processed
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 5000
Shutter: 1.6s
Tracker: None
Stacking: 80
Total exposure: 128s
Taken Jul 14th, 2013 around 01:00 CEST

On the bottom M81 and in the top M82. Another galaxy showed up in the picture NGC3077 but it was very faint and I cut out in the crop. I liked a lot this picture, specially for the M82, that looks quite nice =D

The M81 still can’t see the spirals, need longer exposures for that I believe.