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After many reading and researching I decided to get a AstroTrac TT320X-AG to be able to make the long exposures. Ordered it from UK a couple of days ago, now I am waiting for it. I heard lots of good things about it, and have seeing many examples. Hope not to be disappointed.

I thought it was going to be the last piece of equipment I would need to buy. But then trying to find how to get rid of light pollution, I found a couple of lens filters that does this job. And than there is a world of different kinds of filters for each kind of astrophotography. From filters for Sun pictures, to Hydrogen and Oxygen specific light wave filters for Nebulae. So now I will need to play with the tracker for a bit and decide if it is worth to get the light pollution filter.

As I have read somewhere, astrophotography life is waiting for equipment and waiting for the weather. And in Amsterdam, the weather never helps. It is always cloudy. Gonna be waiting for clear nights =D

Next target is Perseus Double Cluster.