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Going back home one day, just leave the tram in my stop and there was a beautiful Moon in the sky. Me and my girlfriend stayed there admiring it. Suddenly a very bright light passed through in the sky. I realized it was not an airplane, since those are always blinking. It was a still and bright light. So, it must be a satellite (or an alien invasion, who knows). So guessed that maybe it was the International Space Station. It was the first time I have seeing it, so I was not sure.

Coming home, I found a very cool website Spot the Station, which tells you when the ISS will hover on top of you. So I found out that by the time we were watching the skies, it was the ISS that crossed the skies. After that time, i always use the opportunity to see the station passing when I have some time. Needless to say I tried to photograph it, needless to say that I failed miserably. The ISS is too fast. If the stars already have trails, the station is even worse.

A couple of weeks later, there was a Moon Eclipse. So I found a nice place close by home and took some shots of it. Since in Amsterdam the eclipse would be almost not noticeable, it was not a spectacular event. But was a nice sight.IMG_5286bCrop 1:1 of the picture. The upper left corner of the Moon is darkened by the eclipse.